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Chris is a writer/director of documentary ads and branded content. His storytelling is diverse, beautifully composed and exudes warmth. He’s filmed with mountain gorillas in Rwanda, Formula 1 stars in Monaco and skiers in the remote backcountry of Wyoming. 


Chris has worked with many top global brands and agencies over the years including HSBC, Diageo, Google, Microsoft, Canon, Fifa, Uefa, RBS, BP, Shell, AMV DDBO, Saatchi, LIDA and many more. He’s picked up numerous awards along the way from EVCOM, New York Festivals and nominated for prestigious Webby Awards. He’s travelled the world extensively throughout his career in the pursuit of compelling stories, from the colds of northern Finland to the heat of the Arabian desert and the breathtaking heights of the Himalayas. 


Chris prides himself on bringing a cinematic beauty to all of his work, whether that’s documentary filmmaking or brand content. His work often features non-actors and he gets a lot of satisfaction from making them feel at ease in front of camera, eliciting natural, authentic performances. He firmly believes that a good story told well has the power to engage and motivate audiences in the most profound way.

Chris has self-shot throughout his career and currently owns an Arri Alexa Mini kit with Zeiss CP.3 prime lenses, Satchler S18 Tripod, Sony A7SmkII, Movi Pro, a variety of panel and spot LED lights and Phantom 4 Pro Quadcopter.

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